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Very Rockin'!
That's a pretty awesome track! It definitely needs a lead melody playing over some of the parts, though. The guitar riffs were really catching and transitioned nicely without being redundant or samey. Great job!

I understand that its still a work in progress, but there's a couple mix items that stood out to me:
The cymbals sounded like they were on a compressor linked to the snare and/or kick drum, because the cymbals kept fading in and out when the snare/kick played, so much that it was noticeable. Dial that back a bit if you can. If you don't have a compressor that's doing that sidechain action, try giving the mix some headroom by dialing the volume down on all the tracks, and then bring the volume up at the end of your master with limiter.
There was some frequency that I think either the bass guitar or the toms were giving off that sounded like a distant rumbling. I'm not sure if you have a lot of reverb on those instruments, but I would dial those back a tad, too; it will make them sound tighter and more punchy.

Definitely a killer track though! I look forward to hearing the final product!

bipolarmunkey responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! I really appreciate it! I don’t have any compression on the crash but now that you point it out I can hear what you mean. As for the distant rumbling, that was my failed attempt at ‘bass booms’ lol. I’ll have to lower the bass and kick and gain stage em a lil better. Thanks again for listening!

Hey man! I just have to say that you have an awesome voice! I listened to a couple of the other voice recordings you have; you are super talented!

In terms of mic choice, I find that this is our job as the performer/sound engineer to choose the mic that best fits the project. It is cool that you have a display that showcases several different options at your disposal, but only another person who uses mics in a studio all the time could truly hear a difference, and would be able to make a suggestion. This is just something I noticed because my non-musician friends can't even hear the difference in my guitars.

Anyways, you have a real talent! I hope you get some opportunities to work in some projects soon! If you do, let me know, I would be excited to check them out! :) Keep up the awesome!

Tanekoshima responds:

Aw, shucks, thanks Ragekaje!

I do have that mentality, I just thought it'd be nice to showcase how my mics sound to allow people with a broader understand of audio to directly choose which one they think would suit their project better, but, of course, I'll make that choice in case they don't bahahah

Either way, thanks for the kind words! I hope you find success too!

Sweet tune!

With a little bit of mixing, this could be an awesome lo-fi chill song!

The piano part is catchy and works nicely with those drums! I love that you kind of lay the ground work with the piano in the first half, and then spice it up in the second half. It expands the tone of the piece with extra flavor, but stays faithful to the original melody. In terms of arrangement, I think it needs a little bit more instrumentation. A bass would really help round out the whole song and make it feel a bit more complete. You could also throw in some strings that lightly play long chords in the back just to fill in some of that sonic space.

The mix is clean but quiet. You could certainly bring up the overall volume of the piece while maintaining that quiet feeling. If you were to add more instruments, it would take some intentional mixing moves to make sure they all play nicely with each other in the sonic spectrum. Still, you did a good job keeping the dynamics of the song well balanced. (loud parts and soft parts are clear, but not overly contrasted)

Overall, I think you've got a cool little tune! I think it needs more instruments, (just one or two) but that is just my personal preference. Great job! Keep it up! :)

Heck Yeah!

This had my head bumpin' and my body shakin' right away! Awesome job!
I think this would fall under EDM. But it doesn't matter, you don't need genres to make great music!

For the composition, it's very well put together. Every instrument entrance and exit is well arranged. Each instrument knows when to come in to keep things interesting and when to stop playing to create breathing room before coming back in. I love those backing synths at 0:18, by the way. The melody is simple, but hummable and catchy. My only suggestion on that melody is to put some flair on it later in the song. The melody sticks to a small range of notes, which is very good for the majority of a song; listeners have a much easier time comprehending and anticipating a melody that has a small range. BUT, for the later portions of the song, put a little twist on the melody. Either have the melody jump an octave, or just alter part of the melody to extend into some higher registers. Other side notes real quick, drums could use a little flair as well, maybe some quick 16ths on the high hat for later song sections. I'm not sure if there is a bass playing, but a tight bassline could really turn the groove up to eleven on this one. All of these things will help it feel like the song is going somewhere, which is usually our goal with music: grab the listener, and take them somewhere. (i.e. tell them a story with or without words)

In terms of mix, I think you nailed it! The drums are punchy and tight, but leave room for the other instruments. That ride sounds so good! Those synths are quiet, but perfectly mixed so that they're not reaching for spotlight, but they support the song and I can hear them with clarity when I listen for them. The piano sits right in that mid range where its clearly audible, but its not trying to take spotlight away from the drums, which I think are the focal point of the song.

Overall, kickass tune, my dude! Just work on adding a little flair to later song sections and be cognizant of where the song is going.

I think you're doing a flippin' awesome job! Keep up the great work! :D

ofekdr85 responds:

Thank you so much for the response dude :D
About the quick 16th hats, it does add a bit of flavor to the song that's barely noticeable, but supports the music (I hope I understood what "quick 16ths" means...) Also, the backing synths are "Airwave Trance saws" from the "Nexus" plugin that got tweaked a bit :)

Woah! Totally rocks!

Those guitars have such a strong progressive rhythm and they work really well with the leads playing those arpeggios! The drums compliment nicely, but could use some fills to liven it up here and there.

The composition is good, but it feels like just a start. You've got a nice progression of chords being arpeggiated and you transition them very smoothly into the whole metal band instrumentation. However, I feel like the whole song is just an A section. You have a great start to a song, but my ears were hungry for it to go somewhere. If its a song, have the lead guitars switch to playing a melody that is singable/hummable. Something that contrasts nicely will really help differentiate the section from the first. For example, maybe the rhythms are doing something similar to the part at 1:01, but you have a guitar playing a melody that consists of longer, more drawn out notes. (and maybe a lick of two or three quick notes in between the longer notes) If you lean towards more of a backing track for a game, I would lean more towards giving the composition some space in terms of melody. Have the leads drop what they're doing and just let the rhythm instruments drive the song for a few measures. Going down to just the rhythm guitars, bass, and drums can really push that intense feeling of motion and urgency while leaving room for the lead guitars to come back in later with a hummable/singable melody.

In terms of mix, the guitars are blended fairly nicely. I can hear what both the rhythms and leads are doing pretty clearly, but they both overpower the drums and bass a bit. I can hardly hear a kick drum at all (and I'm playing the music on a set of Harbinger PA speakers) and the snare is only a little louder than that. I recommend searching through the audio spectrum on your guitars to find a little more breathing room for the drums. (solo your guitar and turn it way down, go into your EQ plugin and make a strong boost in a small but not tiny frequency range, and slowly slide it back and forth while listening to the guitar to find where you can cut the guitar to make room in the mix) Primarily, I think the kick needs a boost in the high range so we can really hear the attack.

I like the tone of all the instruments you have! Lead guitars are nice and juicy, rhythms are thick and clear, synths are smooth! Again, the drums are lacking in this department too, but I understand the difficulty of using midi drums from a VST. It's difficult, but doable. I have a track that I'm fairly proud of titled "Okay" that used a VST kit if you want an example.

In short, I think you're onto something totally freaking awesome! Write some more sections, beef up those drums, and put together a badass track and send it to me so I can listen! :D Keep up the awesome work!

JoobieDoobieDoo responds:

That's a lot of feedback. It's great the song inspired so many words from you. I can 100% see your perspective, in how the composition seems a little bit samey. Keep in mind, this whole project was done in one day, in one single sitting for the 21 Days Of VGM challenge. Cramming this much in one day, you're bound to have some things that could maybe be improved. There is actually a B-Section though. The section that comes out from the drop out to just portamento lead and pads, is an entirely different set of chords and arpeggios. Though, your perspective that it is also samey is one I can understand, it IS similar in tone. The Groove drives more of an 8th note feel though. Where as the rest of the loop is more syncopation around the quarter note pulse.

The mix, I'm there with ya. This was forced to be done in a day. What are ya gonna do haha I could've sidechained the R Guitars to the kick too. I could've dealt with some of the harshness of the leads. I could've sidechained R Guitars to snare. I could've added some subs to the kick. I could've saturated the master more and compressed the mix more, than added some of the transients back with a some high mids-highs eq. Time was unfortunately not a privilege I had with this one. So a lot got left behind. It was all just "GO GO GO". That being said, I stand by the loop. I think with the two quieter sections and B-Section, there is enough movement in the piece to function without compositional changes.

Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you. And I'm glad you care enough to try and assist fellow musicians and offer your opinion and tips. You rock!

Dang! Very awesome!

Piano hook is great, mix is in great balance, and the song overall is pretty freakin' cool!

I like the melody that plays throughout the majority of the song, it is relatively simple, but each repetition changes a little bit. I wish it was a little bit more hummable/singable because as I walked away from my computer after a listen, the rhythm was stuck in my head more than the melody. The guitar voicing is sooooo cool! I need to know what you used. It's very reminiscent of the Megaman X instrumentation, especially when it plays the melody at the end.

However, I think the song could benefit from changing up the B section a bit more. The melody is too close to the A section that I couldn't hear much a difference my first few listens through. The guitar stuff is freaking awesome, but my ears were itching for a different melody. The problem with the melodies being so similar is that it made the loud parts feel like they were just one big section, rather than several different sections that were all loud. My ears felt like the quiet parts were just as long as the loud parts (even though they weren't) just because the amount of melodic content was the same.

Mix is great! I think the piano is at a perfect volume because it is almost as loud as the rest of the song, but it doesn't FEEL like it is just as loud. The drums and bass are strong, but leave plenty of space for the melodies to shine through.

I like the section with the swing, but it feels abrupt getting there and doesn't hold a lot of story implication to me. I found myself wondering why the swing was there except just to vary up the song. To me, a swing makes the song feel more loose and makes me want to dance. So, be aware of the "story" being told with your songs as you're writing them. (or arranging them)

All in all, fantastic work! I've listened to it probably ten times by now because it gets me pumped! Keep up the great work! :D

AvizuraNG responds:

Thanks for the long and well worded review!

The guitar is just 1 sample, which I think came from an old AMG sample CD or maybe it was the Universe Of Sounds library from the E-MU Emulator 2 (idk, I have a bunch of sample CDs ripped to my HDD). And then I just fed it through an amp simulator. The mutes are created using the filter on the NN-XT. I've used an envelope to shape the filter's movement and the velocity controls how much the filter opens up.

I think you're right about the B section, I still use a lot of the standard DnB conventions when creating tracks (very often it's just the exact same piece of music after the breakdown with an added outro for djs).

Pretty cool!

I like how you took simple phrases that each instrument plays and combined them in a way that is interesting and flows from one section to another.

In terms of composition, the song wants to go somewhere, but kind of stays still. There's a long buildup without an epic conclusion. With music, we're pretty much always telling some kind of story. So, keep in mind that you'll want to hook the listener, and then take them somewhere. Tell them the story you want to tell!

I really like your B section at 0:55, it has a subtle, yet hum-able melody. This is the piece I gravitate towards because it has a melody I can relate to. The first section is just setting the scene. Because the B section has the juicy bit, I would recommend trying to get to that section as fast as possible. My suggestion: 4 measures of drums, then bring all the other instruments in on measure 5 and have them play until measure 8, then jump right to that sweet B section at measure 9. (or measure 10 if measure 9 is a rest) After that, go wherever you want with it, as long as you take the listener somewhere new and interesting. Maybe you do the A section again and use it to build up into an even bigger B section that has the melody playing in two octaves with a bit of harmony for an epic conclusion. Or, perhaps you introduce a C section that has an entirely new tone, like you're trying to tell the listener something impactful. The canvas is yours!

All in all, its catchy, but feels unfinished. Keep plugging away at it! Try something. Don't be afraid to experiment. Be brave! You have talent!
Its not garbage, its a start! :) Let me know when you flesh out the idea! I'd love to hear it!

a-BomBa responds:

Thanks for the feedback... condescending as it was.


With my best guess, I would call it chill-classical... but I'm really not sure. I find that some of my own stuff falls into that awkward space between several musical genres, but I think that's what makes them unique!

It is a little bit repetitive, so I would almost say it could fit as a loop in a game. All it needs is just one more section that carried a different variation on the melody, rhythm, or instrumentation. It needs a section that sounds like a turn of events, or like something has definitely changed. With music, we are telling story, sometimes without words. We try convey imagery and emotion through audio alone. In this instance, there isn't much that strays from where we started, so it doesn't feel like the listener was taken anywhere. Typically, we want to start somewhere, go somewhere else, and then either return home to where we started, or leave the listener in a new place entirely. Therefore, I think this tune could benefit from a section that feels drastically different from the rest, while maintaining just enough similarity that it feels like it belongs in the same song.

I do like the variations on the melody as the song progresses; they slowly evolve into something a little darker and more solemn. This prepares the listener for that turn of events that I mentioned.

The strings in the background combined with the drums, give it a spacious, chill vibe. (somewhat reminds me of Metroid) However, the piano clashes with this vibe as it drives the melody a little too often. If you were to have the piano play a little less often so that its more like a spice that's sprinkled on, it would add to that sense of ambiance. This will make it feel like there is more space, like things are slightly more barren. In contrast, if you wanted to lean into the melody, I would suggest picking a point in the song, upping the complexity of the underlying chords, switch up the melody a bit, and add to the busyness of the drums to really intensify things for that one section.

The mix is good, but a bit quiet. I can hear all the instruments playing, but overall the volume level is really low. There's no need to blast it out of the speakers, but definitely turn up the overall volume of the mix so it has a similar level to other similar tracks.

Good job, though! Keep making more music and keep experimenting and learning! I want to hear what you come up with next! :)

ofekdr85 responds:

Thank you very much! I will try next time to make more changes in my tracks, and will try to not mix instruments that don't go well together.

Very Cool!
Kicks off to an awesome start right away! For me, its reminiscent of some of the boss battle music from Castle Crashers, as well as Pokemon, and even some MegaMan mixed in there as well.

The mix is pretty good! There are many voices (instruments) playing at any given time and it is always a challenge to make them shine through the sonic spectrum where their sweet spots are. I am having a little trouble making out things in the mid-range between the bass and the lead melody, though. Also, I would recommend boosting the overall volume of the quiet section at 3:05. I have found that listening to my tracks with some white noise in the room (i.e. a fan or an a/c unit) helps me discover when my track has too drastic of a volume change. We don't want our listener's to think our song faded out when its not over yet!

In terms of composition, (and maybe this is about the mix, too) the melody that plays during the first section tends to get drowned out. I think its an awesome melody that drives that section perfectly with the rhythms that you have going on. My advice is to boost that baby! I wanna hear that melody like a vocal for a pop song, I want that stuff ringing back and forth in my head when I'm trying to sleep at night! Hahaha! Seriously, though, boosting that melody would really help to keep me humming that tune when I leave my computer. If it feels to repetitive, you could try an octave jump to keep the sound fresh while still pumping out that melody.

Overall, I think its awesome! It certainly sounds better than anything I have ever done, so take my advice with a grain of salt! :P

I'm interested to know what software you used, sound sets, synths, plugins, etc.

Poosac responds:

I used fl studio and I made all of my presets in Massive except for the main motive thingy and for the last melody, for those 2 I used the plugin Sakura and for sounds ... I really dunno I have libraries full of different sounds.

thanks for your awesome review ~3~

Very cool!

That was a very clever and interesting use of acoustic guitars! They carried the same intensity that overdriven electric guitars usually have. The drums were powerful, tight, and though they were simple, they did a great job supporting the complex rhythms that dominate the piece. The bass was strong and full of energy, filling in all the gaps, and brought those chorus-like sections to life.

My only complaints are how scooped out the guitars are and how similar the early sections are. The acoustic melodies are often overshadowed by the highs of the strumming. The same goes for the electric solo around 3:00. I think they just need a little boost somewhere in the mid-range where the frequencies of their notes lie. As for the section similarities, its hard to pick apart the first few sections because all of the instruments are firing on all cylinders all the time. Consider having the drums drop out for one measure while the guitars finesse their way through an awesome lick, or maybe vice-versa. The drums could steal the spotlight for a measure to take the song back into a different section.

The low-key section near 2:40 is really cool! I like how the drums drive the rhythm while the guitars just come and go to highlight certain beats, then come in pushing these awesome tones!

I still think the track is way too awesome to let a couple of complaints get in the way! This is a really cool progressive rock track! Awesome job! Keep up the fantastic work!

Metal-head who loves early morning coffee and chill chiptunes. I love to write music and really enjoy instrumental stuff. I mostly do rock/metal but I'm getting into retro sounds and absolutely love it. I would love to write music for your game!


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