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This is really good! I enjoy you and your dad's sense of humor. I also liked the animation style, it worked well with your humor and sound effects. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because of the sound quality, your sound effects blocked out your dad's voice at times. I would also advise using more vocal inflections to bring out more character. Either way, its still good!

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Thankyou for the comment :/

This was great! I understand no Japanese whatsoever but I still fully enjoyed this. The animation was highly appealing, the sound gave me constant nostalgia, the voice acting was so terrific, I was trying to figure out how you coordinated so many voice actors to speaking a different language so successfully, the story was dramatic, yet flowed much like an RPG would, and the character development left me itching for more.

I understand that you do not want to make a sequel. My comment is: if you're feeling up to it AND you have new ideas as bright as the ones behind this, then go for it. I agree with what you said about so many titles being ruined with sequels. Anyway, I can tell you poured a lot of effort into this so let me tell you, every one of these stars... You've earned them.

I really enjoyed the artistic style you have. I has the details of a sketch but with the such a vibrant color palette. The only problem I have is that the main character dies for a reason unknown to the viewer. I give you 4.5 out of 5.

I was laughing the entire time.... then, as I was rating the vid... I just about shit myself because I wasn't expecting a slender attack. I don't have the powers Chuck Norris does to defend against such events. Don't worry, it only improved your score in my book.

I thoroughly enjoyed that! Your comedic elements were great and topped off with an animation style to further increase the hilarity. The ending was somewhat abrupt, I would love to see you expand on that. All in all, great job!

I think what you had was a great idea spoiled with impatience. I give you a 2 because your creative combination of two well known ideas, and your animation was par at best, but its abrupt and anticlimactic ending combined with the lack of an audio clip saying "I like trains..." caused it do gown down. I commend your idea but encourage you to be patient and develop your work until its great. :)

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